The primary purpose of the KINDNESS Fund, a nonprofit 501c3 fund is to provide assistance to employees who have a sudden financial emergency due to a catastrophe or crises in their life. KINDNESS Fund donations are made through genuine acts kindness by CPK employees for CPK employees.

CPK employees are invited to help sustain the KINDNESS Fund by making a payroll deduction or one-time gift donation from March 18, 2013 – April 19, 2013. Employees can also choose to pledge online after April 19, 2013 with a one-time gift donation (check or card only) throughout the year. To begin your pledge, all employees must click on the "Create Your KINDNESS Fund Account" button below. If you have already created an account prior to March 18, 2013, you must click on the "Create Your KINDNESS Fund Account" to reactivate your account.

AUTHORIZATION: Payroll deduction donations to the KINDNESS Fund are voluntary and tax deductible. With notification to my store manager, I can cancel, increase or decrease any recurring payroll deduction donation at any time, I can only increase or decrease my donation during the open enrollment period.




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